Simons Exhausts: world class exhaust systems

Sweden is known for a wide variety of things, among them are music and ready-to-assemble furniture, but Simons is ready to add one other thing to that list: world class exhaust systems. Simons is one of the leading brand names for Ray Metallfabrik AB, a Swedish company that was founded in Ljungsarp in 1961 by Simon Angerd. Ray Metallfabrik AB is a small company with about 50 employees.

The Simons ® Sportsystem is the leading brand for sport exhaust systems in Scandinavia and they are ready to add more countries to that list. Fifty percent of the entire production is already exported to other countries, showing the international ambition that thrive this company.

Simons Sportsystem

‘Everybody wants a car that sounds great’, is what Simons must have been thinking while shaping the idea for the Simons Sportsystem product line. Simons produces sports exhausts with a keen detail for great sound. It combines the highest quality and a sporty look to provide you with one of the best exhausts on the market.

Simons Sportsystem makes sure it shines in four areas; high performance, design, a sporty sound and durability. On the performance side of things, Simons uses ‘straight through’ silencers and pipe work with larger diameters ‘in order to minimize back pressure as much as possible compared to the original exhaust’, according to the official website.

The exhausts are designed to look sporty. They make sure that people who buy Simons exhausts for its design and sound, don’t end up disappointed. Furthermore, the company behind Simons focuses on constructing exhaust systems with only the best materials. Therefore, the durability of their products are never up for discussion.

The Swedish company delivers its product with all the necessary elements, including mounting kit, to make sure most cars can enjoy the great Simons Sportsystem.