KW Suspensions, leader in the market of coilovers

When we talk about diverse companies in the car industry, and especially in the car tuning industry, KW Suspensions is definitely a name that comes to mind. These German specialists have been creating great products for a little over twenty years now. Even though this does not seem like a very long period, -especially when you compare it to competitors-, KW Suspensions surpasses many of these competitors when it comes to quality and functionality.

History of KW Suspensions

KW automotive  GmbH started out in Germany with only three employees in 1995. Nowadays, the company has approximately 200 employees in five locations all over the world. The company specialized itself in premium products for car tuning and automobile refinement. These premium products can be categorized into a few different groups: springs, sports suspensions and coilover suspensions.

A few of their products: KW Version 1, 2 and 3

A company like KW Suspensions has multiple products in their product range. Probably the most well-known products for the company are the coilovers, which can be found in the Inox product line: KW Variant 1, 2 and 3. The first version showcases an entry model ‘for more driving pleasure with attractive and individually adjustable lowering’. Are you a little more sporty and would you like a more sporty model? Then Version 2 of the Inox-line is a great way if you want a great look combined with great functionality. The KW Coilovers Variant 3 makes it possible to adjust damping separately for rebound and compression. The latter is an absolute premium product.

Leader in the motor sports

Apart from being a leader in the consumer market, KW automotive GmbH also focuses on being a big name for motor sports teams. Among their customers is Mercedes-AMG, for whom KW Suspensions has developed a special suspension. Also Roush Performance in the United States enjoys the great quality of KW Suspensions on a daily basis.

KW Suspensions has created a well-known brand known for quality in just a few years. One can only imagine what they will achieve in the upcoming years.