History of KONI and its sport kit

KONI is a car company that has been around for many years. It is originally a Dutch company, but since the company has branches in Germany, France and the United States, most people call it an ‘international’ company for a reason. KONI employs about 500 people. Not bad for a company that started out in 1857 producing horse harnesses. Ever since the introduction of the car as a way of transportation, KONI has become one of the world-leaders in producing car parts and in particular shock absorbers and lowering springs.

One of the reasons KONI is a well-known company, is because they produce car parts with a high level of quality. Many car companies, including KONI, test their products on racetracks under extreme conditions. KONI and the KONI Sport Kit are a perfect example of how excellent achievements on the racetrack can be transferred to the everyday passenger car.

KONI Sport Kit

The KONI Sports Kit is one of the highest performing products in their product range. The Kit is characterized by its fast response time and the near-perfect road holding. The superior quality of the product contributes to its popularity. In addition, if you choose KONI shock absorbers, you make sure your car does not sway all over the road.

The KONI Sport Kit provides adjustable shock absorbers that can be lowered to 40 mm, depending on the car. The lowering springs are produced by H&R, also known as the official distributor of KONI products in German-speaking countries. By combining these two products, KONI can offer a excellent sports kit.

As previously described, KONI’ products are tested under very extreme conditions. As a result, KONI can offer you a certain standard of quality that many companies cannot provide. This certainly proves the point that KONI is one of the best choices when choosing new shock absorbers.