AP Suspension: German quality suspensions

AP Suspension is a German company producing shock absorbers, springs and coilover kits for car suspension systems. In both Germany as well as outside, AP Suspension has been a well-known brand for more than ten years providing superior suspension systems. By producing their own products and by making sure the quality is top-notch, AP Suspension has given itself a strong position in the market. Furthermore, its excellent service is one of the company’s pillars.

The philosophy of the company

The German AP Suspension produces its products with a certain philosophy in mind. This philosophy strongly relies on three pillars: more driving pleasure for the driver, an excellent quality and improved driving dynamics.

Through focusing on these three pillars, AP Suspension is able to provide shock absorbers and lowering springs that can lower your car to a maximum of 40 mm. AP Suspension’ products are available for a wide range of car brands.

How AP Suspension products are produced

Many budget brands outsource production to parts of Asia and then put their own name on it. As opposed to many of its competitors, AP Suspension produces its products in Germany.

Even though AP Suspension products come with a low price tag, it certainly does not mean the quality of the products is low. AP Suspension have found the perfect way to produce high quality, and cheap products. Usually you would assume a car parts company would use lower quality materials if the price is low, but AP Suspension only uses the best components to manufacture their products. This way, these German experts offer a sporty performance and lots of comfort with their products

AP Suspension produces products that meet the German TÜV standards for quality. This German certificate checks products on building quality, assemblage and performance. It is not easy to meet these requirements, but AP Suspension does it with flying colors. When you choose AP Suspension, you choose superior quality for an excellent pricing.