Dual Controls in Cars: Enhancing Safety in Driving Instruction

Dual controls, also known as driving school pedals, play a pivotal role in fostering safety and confidence during driving instruction. This system allows a vehicle to be controlled from both sides, providing driving instructors with the ability to take charge in emergencies and offer support in challenging situations. In this blog post, we will explore the installation process and functionality of dual controls, shedding light on their crucial role in the learning journey.

Installation: Mastering precision and expertise

Installing dual controls requires specialized knowledge, making it essential to entrust the process to certified mechanics. The initial steps involve raising the vehicle on a lift or placing it in a pit to facilitate access to vital components. Subsequently, the pedals, steering column, and brakes on both sides of the vehicle undergo disassembly, creating space for the installation of control elements.

Typically situated on the passenger side, these control elements come in various types, with hydraulic systems being the preferred choice for their reliability and user-friendly operation in modern dual control setups. Once installed, a meticulous connection process ensues, involving additional components such as connecting rods, hydraulic lines, and cables.

Functionality: Hydraulic precision in action

The functionality of dual controls is rooted in a hydraulic system seamlessly integrated with the vehicle’s pedals, steering column, and brakes. When the instructor on the passenger side engages the brake pedal, a signal travels through the hydraulic system, activating the brakes on the driver’s side instantaneously.

Similarly, the steering and accelerator pedals operate harmoniously. If the instructor on the passenger side turns the steering wheel or presses the accelerator pedal, the hydraulic system transmits the signal to the corresponding side of the vehicle, ensuring precise control.

Navigating towards confidence and safety

Dual controls for cars emerge as an invaluable system for driving schools and professional applications, providing instructors with the tools to navigate through challenging scenarios and offer crucial assistance to unsure students. However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that the installation process demands specialized knowledge and should be entrusted to certified mechanics. With dual controls seamlessly integrated, the journey towards becoming a skilled and confident driver becomes not only educational but significantly safer, emphasizing the paramount importance of safety in driving instruction.

The Evolution of the EV Charging Experience: A Deep Dive into Type 2 Cables

Navigate the ins and outs of the EV Charging cable type 2, the game-changer in electric vehicle charging technology. Learn about its features, benefits, and how it is setting new standards.

The Future is Electric

So you’ve jumped on the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon, and kudos to you! The transition from fossil fuel to electric is a monumental shift that comes with its own set of questions. One such question that often stumps new and even seasoned EV owners alike is: “Which charging cable do I need?” Hold your horses, because we’re about to delve into the nitty-gritty of EV Charging cable type 2—arguably the most versatile and efficient choice for your modern EV.

EV Charging Cable Type 2: The Lowdown

When it comes to EV charging, not all cables are created equal. The Type 2 cable, also known as the Mennekes plug, has become the go-to option in Europe and is rapidly gaining traction elsewhere. Let’s look at some numbers to grasp its popularity: According to recent studies, approximately 70% of new public charging stations across Europe are fitted with Type 2 connectors.

Why is it so popular? The Type 2 cable supports both single-phase and three-phase charging, allowing a broad range of electricity transfer rates—anything from 3.7 kW up to a whopping 43 kW. In layman’s terms, you could go from 0 to 80% battery in just about 30 minutes with some high-powered Type 2 charging stations.

Features & Benefits: What Makes it Stand Out?


One of the defining features of the Type 2 cable is its flexibility. This bad boy can handle AC and DC current, meaning you can use it for both home charging and fast public charging stations. It’s the Swiss Army knife of EV cables.

Safety Measures

You can’t put a price on safety, and Type 2 cables are built with that in mind. These cables come with built-in fault detection and a locking mechanism that prevents accidental unplugging during charging. Say goodbye to the days of fretting about the safety of your precious EV.


In case you’re wondering, yes, the Type 2 cables are also eco-friendly. They’re designed to last long and are generally made from recyclable materials. So, while you’re saving the Earth with your EV, your cable is doing its part too.

Future Prospects: What’s Next?

The Type 2 cable is not resting on its laurels. With the increasing push for sustainability and the mushrooming of EV adoption rates, there’s ongoing research to make them even faster and more efficient. So, watch this space; the best is yet to come.

The Type 2 is the Way to Go

If you’re looking for a cable that is versatile, safe, and future-proof, you can’t go wrong with the Type 2. It’s more than just a cable; it’s your ticket to a smooth and efficient EV experience. Next time you find yourself scratching your head at the plethora of options out there, remember: the Type 2 cable is a no-brainer.

Ready to supercharge your EV life? Take the plunge and make the switch to Type 2. You won’t regret it.

How You Can Save Tons Of Money On Your Home Owner’s Insurance

We purchase homes, in order to raise our families and keep them safe. If you own a home without having a home owner’s insurance policy, your family has no protection at all. If there’s any type of disaster, you will be out on the streets with no hope of getting back into your home. So make sure that you use these tips to get a great insurance package at a fair price.

To lower the annual insurance premiums on your home, increase your deductible amount. Although this means that minor claims such as leaky pipes, broken windows or the like will not be covered, these types of damage typically only cost a couple hundred dollars to repair, which will be less than you save.

To make sure that you are paying the lowest amount on your homeowner’s insurance, compare the cost of your insurance policy to another company’s policies at least once a year. You should also review your existing policy and mark any changes that may have occurred which could lower your premium.

Before speaking with a claims adjuster about your homeowner’s insurance claims, get some repair estimates from trusted local businesses. This will give you some ammo against the insurance company when they tell you how much something will cost to repair or replace. Also, emergency repairs that you make to keep the damage from getting worse will be covered, as long as you keep receipts.

The best way to lower your insurance payment is to raise your deductible. A high-deductible policy is a bet against the house, so to speak. You’re preferring the risk of having to shell out for a high deductable over the fact of having to shell out a higher amount of money every month. So, if you are conservative, this may not be the best fit. But if you’re willing to chance having to pay out that high deductible, then this strategy is worth adopting.

Get your Insurance

Get an estimate of damages to your home prior to filing a claim on your home owners insurance. If it is not going to cost you much more than the deductible to repair, do not file the claim. Each claim that you file will cause your premium to increase for the year.

Insuring a valuable item can help one get it replaced or even repaired should something unexpected ever happen too it. It will also help if the item gets stolen from an individuals home. The right insurance coverage for something could make all the difference if something ever happened to it.

When adding a feature such as a swimming pool or trampoline to your home, factor in insurance costs and recommendations in the project. Defined as attractive nuisances, these features have increased risks associated with them can increase premium, but following recommendations like adding a secure fence and gate can offset the expense somewhat.

Consider installing an alarm or security system to lower your homeowner’s insurance. Not only will you be protected from burglary or fire, but you will also lower your premium amount by installing features like this. You may also want to install deadbolt locks, which will lower your insurance cost too.

Make sure to have a good idea of what kind of insurance you want going in. Don’t be too cheap when buying a policy, as in the event of a disaster, you will only too often find your valuables won’t be replaced. Spending a reasonable amount will truly protect you.

It’s all about our family when it come to purchasing homeowner’s insurance. It’s easier to pick up and move on when you’re alone, but when you have people relying on you, they need a roof over their heads to provide shelter and safety. Use the tips you just read to purchase an affordable, high-quality insurance package for your home.

KW Suspensions, leader in the market of coilovers

When we talk about diverse companies in the car industry, and especially in the car tuning industry, KW Suspensions is definitely a name that comes to mind. These German specialists have been creating great products for a little over twenty years now. Even though this does not seem like a very long period, -especially when you compare it to competitors-, KW Suspensions surpasses many of these competitors when it comes to quality and functionality.

History of KW Suspensions

KW automotive  GmbH started out in Germany with only three employees in 1995. Nowadays, the company has approximately 200 employees in five locations all over the world. The company specialized itself in premium products for car tuning and automobile refinement. These premium products can be categorized into a few different groups: springs, sports suspensions and coilover suspensions.

A few of their products: KW Version 1, 2 and 3

A company like KW Suspensions has multiple products in their product range. Probably the most well-known products for the company are the coilovers, which can be found in the Inox product line: KW Variant 1, 2 and 3. The first version showcases an entry model ‘for more driving pleasure with attractive and individually adjustable lowering’. Are you a little more sporty and would you like a more sporty model? Then Version 2 of the Inox-line is a great way if you want a great look combined with great functionality. The KW Coilovers Variant 3 makes it possible to adjust damping separately for rebound and compression. The latter is an absolute premium product.

Leader in the motor sports

Apart from being a leader in the consumer market, KW automotive GmbH also focuses on being a big name for motor sports teams. Among their customers is Mercedes-AMG, for whom KW Suspensions has developed a special suspension. Also Roush Performance in the United States enjoys the great quality of KW Suspensions on a daily basis.

KW Suspensions has created a well-known brand known for quality in just a few years. One can only imagine what they will achieve in the upcoming years.

Simons Exhausts: world class exhaust systems

Sweden is known for a wide variety of things, among them are music and ready-to-assemble furniture, but Simons is ready to add one other thing to that list: world class exhaust systems. Simons is one of the leading brand names for Ray Metallfabrik AB, a Swedish company that was founded in Ljungsarp in 1961 by Simon Angerd. Ray Metallfabrik AB is a small company with about 50 employees.

The Simons ® Sportsystem is the leading brand for sport exhaust systems in Scandinavia and they are ready to add more countries to that list. Fifty percent of the entire production is already exported to other countries, showing the international ambition that thrive this company.

Simons Sportsystem

‘Everybody wants a car that sounds great’, is what Simons must have been thinking while shaping the idea for the Simons Sportsystem product line. Simons produces sports exhausts with a keen detail for great sound. It combines the highest quality and a sporty look to provide you with one of the best exhausts on the market.

Simons Sportsystem makes sure it shines in four areas; high performance, design, a sporty sound and durability. On the performance side of things, Simons uses ‘straight through’ silencers and pipe work with larger diameters ‘in order to minimize back pressure as much as possible compared to the original exhaust’, according to the official website.

The exhausts are designed to look sporty. They make sure that people who buy Simons exhausts for its design and sound, don’t end up disappointed. Furthermore, the company behind Simons focuses on constructing exhaust systems with only the best materials. Therefore, the durability of their products are never up for discussion.

The Swedish company delivers its product with all the necessary elements, including mounting kit, to make sure most cars can enjoy the great Simons Sportsystem.

History of KONI and its sport kit

KONI is a car company that has been around for many years. It is originally a Dutch company, but since the company has branches in Germany, France and the United States, most people call it an ‘international’ company for a reason. KONI employs about 500 people. Not bad for a company that started out in 1857 producing horse harnesses. Ever since the introduction of the car as a way of transportation, KONI has become one of the world-leaders in producing car parts and in particular shock absorbers and lowering springs.

One of the reasons KONI is a well-known company, is because they produce car parts with a high level of quality. Many car companies, including KONI, test their products on racetracks under extreme conditions. KONI and the KONI Sport Kit are a perfect example of how excellent achievements on the racetrack can be transferred to the everyday passenger car.

KONI Sport Kit

The KONI Sports Kit is one of the highest performing products in their product range. The Kit is characterized by its fast response time and the near-perfect road holding. The superior quality of the product contributes to its popularity. In addition, if you choose KONI shock absorbers, you make sure your car does not sway all over the road.

The KONI Sport Kit provides adjustable shock absorbers that can be lowered to 40 mm, depending on the car. The lowering springs are produced by H&R, also known as the official distributor of KONI products in German-speaking countries. By combining these two products, KONI can offer a excellent sports kit.

As previously described, KONI’ products are tested under very extreme conditions. As a result, KONI can offer you a certain standard of quality that many companies cannot provide. This certainly proves the point that KONI is one of the best choices when choosing new shock absorbers.

Eibach quality products

From a family company to a brand that is known all over the world, Eibach has been a strong force since the early fifties. This German company was founded in 1951 by Heinrich Eibach. His son, Wilfried, took over the company in 1967 and the company is currently led by a third generation. One thing has remained the same: Eibach has been producing performance springs since the early fifties and they are determined to keep doing that for at least another fifty years.

With producing facilities in Germany, United States and China, and office branches for sales activities in Australia, the UK, Japan and South-Africa, Eibach has built a worldwide brand for itself and its many quality products. These quality products are for sale in more than 80 countries through distributors worldwide.

Eibach has a wide variety of products in their product range, including the Pro-Street-S and the Pro-Kit products. The Sportline and B12 Pro Kit are two of Eibach’ finest product, which we will explain in detail below.

Eibach Sportline – red performance springs for enthusiasts

The Eibach Sportline products are an excellent choice when you want to combine top quality with great driving pleasure. These red colored springs are a perfect example of what Eibach envisions to be in the future: to become a synonym for sporty car products.

Eibach B12 Pro-Kit – combining the best of two worlds

Bilstein is a brand you might have heard of before. Bilstein is a world leader when it comes to shock absorbers. Eibach has joined forces with Bilstein to provide a high quality pro-kit with shock absorbers and lowering springs. Bilstein’ typical gas pressure technology is used to improve the quality of the shock absorbers. And Eibach does what it does best: providing highly specialized springs only Eibach can provide.

Best shock absorbers and springs

The B12 series also offers the Sportline product, another great example of what Bilstein and Eibach can do together when they set their mind to it.

AP Suspension: German quality suspensions

AP Suspension is a German company producing shock absorbers, springs and coilover kits for car suspension systems. In both Germany as well as outside, AP Suspension has been a well-known brand for more than ten years providing superior suspension systems. By producing their own products and by making sure the quality is top-notch, AP Suspension has given itself a strong position in the market. Furthermore, its excellent service is one of the company’s pillars.

The philosophy of the company

The German AP Suspension produces its products with a certain philosophy in mind. This philosophy strongly relies on three pillars: more driving pleasure for the driver, an excellent quality and improved driving dynamics.

Through focusing on these three pillars, AP Suspension is able to provide shock absorbers and lowering springs that can lower your car to a maximum of 40 mm. AP Suspension’ products are available for a wide range of car brands.

How AP Suspension products are produced

Many budget brands outsource production to parts of Asia and then put their own name on it. As opposed to many of its competitors, AP Suspension produces its products in Germany.

Even though AP Suspension products come with a low price tag, it certainly does not mean the quality of the products is low. AP Suspension have found the perfect way to produce high quality, and cheap products. Usually you would assume a car parts company would use lower quality materials if the price is low, but AP Suspension only uses the best components to manufacture their products. This way, these German experts offer a sporty performance and lots of comfort with their products

AP Suspension produces products that meet the German TÜV standards for quality. This German certificate checks products on building quality, assemblage and performance. It is not easy to meet these requirements, but AP Suspension does it with flying colors. When you choose AP Suspension, you choose superior quality for an excellent pricing.